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The Maltese Government has encouranged the use of renewable sources of energy for domestic and industrial use and has launched various incentive schemes.

General Engineering Works is a leading installer of:

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Heat Pumps - offer alternative to solar water heaters.
General Engineering Works has installed a number of Heat Pumps in various homes. These Heat pumps consume less electricity that normal water heaters and can be used by families with no access to roofs.  Click here for more details.

Photovoltaic panels -  General Engineering Works has installed more than 270 residential PV installations and various commercial PV installations including at the University of Malta, Pama Shopping Centre, Enemalta Main Buildings, Various Enemalta Substations, Siegfried, Sigma Coatings Ltd, Bavarian Technology Systems and Caremalta`s "Il-Madonna tal-Mellieha" Residential Home for the Elderly.

As part of our continuous effort of providing a premium quality service, our experienced team offers our both domestic and industrial clients support and advice for a complete installation.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting is one of the most cost effective tools available to you reduce your home’s electricity usage and costs.  By replacing the standard wall toggle switches with electronic dimmers, you can now lower your power bills without sacrificing light levels in your home.  Today each kilowatt-hour of energy saved helps our world to be “greener”!  And your home can be an integral part of the solution!