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Electrical installations include works on: 

  • Cable Trays
  • Armoured cables,      
  • Trunking     
  • Low-voltage installations    
  • Data installations     
  • Wiring up of control panels 
  • Distribution boards, etc.

Mechanical Installations include:

  • Supply and install air lines using galvanised or Aquatherm pipes. 
  • Supply and install pipe lines in plant rooms­ 
  • Supply and install borehole pumps, centrifugal pumps and multi stage pumps  ranging 2Kw up to 30Kw.   Invertors can also be supplied/installed and commissioned to control pumps.

Maintenance & Trouble Shooting:

Preventative maintenance and trouble shooting can be carried out on the equipment listed below

§          Air Compressors,

§          Air Conditioning Units,

§          Boilers

§          Chillers,

§          Pumps,

§          Reverse Osmosis Plants,

§          Electrical Control Panels,

§          Bore hole pumps,

§          Heat exchangers,

§          Main Electrical Switch Boards,

§          C02 Generation Plants,

§          C02 Recovery Plants And

§          Equipment Related To Spa.

Re-Newable Energy Solutions

Various installations of Solar Water Heaters  are installed in private homes and industrial premises.

Heat Pumps - offer alternative to solar water heaters.

General Engineering Works has installed a number of Heat Pumps in various homes. These Heat pumps consume less electricity that normal water heaters and can be used by families with no access to roofs.  Click here for more details.

Photovoltaic panels -  General Engineering Works has installed more than 250 residential PV installations and various commercial PV installations including at the University of Malta, Pama Shopping Centre, Siegried, Sigma Coatings Ltd, Bavarian Technology Systems and Caremalta`s "Il-Madonna tal-Mellieha" Residential Home for the Elderly.